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Instructions and rules 

  1. Before the first visit to Adventure Park GEOSS, each participant must read these instructions and rules. Adults must present the instructions and rules to visitors younger than 15 years and sign for them (name, surname and contact number of the adult must be written on it). With the signature, the visitor confirms that she/he read the instructions and rules and agrees that use of Adventure Park Geoss is at her/his own risk.
  2. Visitors are aware that they accept some risks related to climbing activities when using Adventure Park GEOSS and are fully responsible for their own safety. For the company's responsibility, read paragraph 7.
  3.  Adventure Park GEOSS is appropriate for visitors older than 4 years, who do not have any psychological problems with heights or any other health issues that may cause risk or danger. Children under 15 years are allowed to visit Adventure Park GEOSS only if accompanied by a responsible adult or profesional personnel. There are additional requirements fot use of specific courses:

Course            Required age and height

  • Yellow            All participants from 4 to 8 years with extended arms
  • Green             All participants from 6 years or 140 cm with extended arms
  • Blue               All participants from 10 years or 160 cm with extended arms
  • Red                All participants from 12 years or 160cm with extended arms
  • Orange           All participants from 12 years or 160cm with extended arms


  1. Small objects, such as: mobile phones, cameras, jewellery, sun glasses, etc. are not allowed at any time during use of Adventure Park GEOSS, since they can be dangerous to visitors and to others using Adventure Park GEOSS.
  2.  Before using the park, each visitor must take a short course (theoretical and practical) on the ground on proper and safe use of the safety equipment, especially how to clip on to the steel cables, which ensure safety in the park. All safety precautions are obligatory and must be considered during all activities. In cases of violation of this requirement, the visitor can be requested to leave Adventure Park GEOSS. In cases of violation of this requirement, the company Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. takes no responsibility and/or compensation claims.
  3. Safety gear (the safety harness and carabineers), which every visitor recevies must not be taken off during the safety course. All parts of the safety gear must be undamaged and returned immediately after use. Safety carabineers must be at all times connected to the safety steel cable on the harness. It is very important that during climbing through the course, at least one carabineer must be connected to the safety steel cable. The two safety carabineers must never be disconnected from the safety steel cable at the same time! If in doubt, please call the closest instructor for further advice.
  4.  Company Pustolovski park Geoss d.o.o. is responsible in the context of law for personal damage. The company is only responsible for material damage and loss of property in cases of negligence by the instructor or owner.
  5.  Only one person at a time is allowed to use the single climbing challenge. On the platforms connected to the trees, only tho people are allowed at the same time. Use of Adventure Park GEOSS is allowed only by considering the instructions and rules from paragraph 3.
  6.  The Organiser can request that a visitor leaves Adventure Park GEOSS in cases of violation of these rules. The organiser can also halt use because of appropriate safety precautions (fire, strong wind, thunderstorm, ect.). in this case, the entry fee is not refunded. The entry fee is also not refunded in cases of volunatry exit of Adventure Park GEOSS.
  7.  Use of Adventure Park GEOSS is not allowed for visitor consuming alcoholic drinks and/or drugs.
  8. Smoking is not allowed during the use of safety equipment and/or during climbing.