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Experience treetops

Sunny days attract a lot of adventurers to the heart of Slovenia. Until now they've been climbing trees and taking walks in the treetops. But now they can stay in treetops all through the night.

In the evening, when the adventurers leave, we will prepare a supper for you and serve it in the meadow. You will enjoy a quite evening by the fire with the company of your choosing. In the meantime we will prepare your treebed in the treetop of your choice (spruce, oak, ash, beech, wallnut tree or hornbeam). After supper you will climb to your bed and enjoy the sounds and sents of nature. Raised from the ground and in the safty of your treebed, you will fall asleep. In the morning, you will probably be waken up by birds singing or sun shining directly to your bed. At the side of your treebed you will find a basket with your breakfast. Have you ever had breakfast 10 metres above ground in a treetop with a view of the surroundings?


You can choose between a platform in treetops (ash, oak or spruce) or a hanging bed in treetops (beech, wallnut tree or hornbeam).


Enjoy a picnic in treetops for up to 6 persons on a platform or a few relaxing hours just hanging in a hanging bed and enjoying the view for up to 2 persons.

More about night-time experience find here and more about day-time experience find here.

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